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Medical Goes Digital

MedexSepeti is a shining example of its kind. Bringing manufacturers and providers to a definitive handshake with clients all over Turkey and Middle East, we proudly boast a convenient and secure online medical marketplace.

We offer you the keys to your own universe and these keys weigh nothing: MedexSepeti is masterfully focused on convenient use by partners and clients through our web interface and mobile apps. From creating your store to uploading your goods, from inspecting and choosing products to payment and delivery; each step is as easy and familiar as walking into your own shop.

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Our partners are our family – and we take care of our own. Our limited-time offer includes:

Creating your store is completely free
Our team prepares and publishes your product catalogues
Discounted fees for sales
We create ad campaigns for your products
Free market analysis report

“My business is already booming. How would you give me a competitive edge?”


Constantly expanding customer base for infinite growth in your business


Targeted sales and easy product listing for fast and secure profit


Ability to discover new products on the market


Ideal SEO performance to attract more opportunities


Easy monitoring of the competition, market trends and customer behavior


Our extensive medical and technical expertise to always keep you one step ahead

Go Beyond Limits

Our extensive potential of customer base allows you to sell your products in any medical category.

Medical Devices
Home & Family
Medical Facilities
Rehabilitation & Wellness
Imaging & Lab

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